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What is the Difference in Commercial, Residential and Industrial Electricians?

When Googling electricians to help serve your needs, you may stumble upon different types. Residential, commercial and industrial are the three most common types of electricians in the industry. Their work differs in regard to equipment used, the amount of energy needed, and load demands. Each is trained in their own areas of expertise to better assist their customer’s needs.

While their names provide a basic understanding of where the electrician is trained to work, there are many variations within the work itself. The differences between residential, industrial and commercial electricians are thoroughly described below.

Our trained specialists offer many solutions for a wide array of in-home electrical needs. From basic maintenance and repairs, to installing brand new electrical systems. There is no in-home project that we can’t tackle. Residential electricians utilize single-phase power supplies, which is 120 or 240 volts.We also install specialty lighting and projects. This includes, but is not limited to; energy-efficient systems, video surveillance, interior recessed and decorative lighting, standby generators, and much more.

Residential Electrics

We pride ourselves on the wide variety of services that we are able to offer, install, repair and maintain. We’ve worked with many homeowners to achieve their specific needs, regardless of how difficult or expansive their project may be.

We’ve utilized our commercial electrical expertise all throughout Erie and Crawford counties. From Erie and First National Banks to Allegheny College and Thiel College and many restaurants and stores, we’ve planned and executed commercial projects of all calibers. Depending on the commercial needs of the business, the voltage could run from 120 volts/208-240 volts or 277/480 volts. As you can see, the needs are much more powerful, and potentially more dangerous than residential electrical needs.

Not only do our specialists at RE Johnson do our work locally, but we’ve also won bids across the state of Pennsylvania to take on projects at numerous Eckerd Drugstores, Rite Aids and Dollar Generals.

While the skills of an industrial electrician are quite similar to those of a commercial electrician, they mainly perform work in factories, production areas, chemical plants, mines, etc. Because of the breadth of the systems that they are required to work on, industrial electricians have to encompass the knowledge to work on and manage extreme variations of electrical components that are associated with the facility machinery.

Industrial electricians install, maintain and repair extremely large electrical systems. These systems are more extensive than commercial and residential electrical systems. They are required to maintain a heftier range of systems, from micro-currents to high voltage components.

We can help with all your electrical needs.

Whether you need electrical assistance in your home or at your business, RE Johnson has skilled electricians who specialize in residential, commercial and industrial electricity. With over 31 years of proven experience and unprecedented growth, we are positive that we can assist you with new electrical work, maintaining and troubleshooting your current electrical systems, and implementing many specialty electrical services. For more information about what RE Johnson can do for you, reach out to one of our electrical specialists today!

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