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Portable Generator Safety Tips

Whether you are exploring the outdoors, working away from electricity or looking to be prepared for power outages, portable generators are a solid backup plan. Portable generators are small, internal combustion engines that provide electricity anywhere its needed. They keep your power on during an outage to prevent uncomfortable situations and costly damage. Portable generators are complex pieces of equipment and if you are not aware of how to use them properly, they can potentially be dangerous.

While remote capability makes them extremely useful, knowing how to properly operate your portable generator is of the utmost importance. According to OSHA, hazards that are inherent to portable generator use are: shock and electrocution, carbon monoxide poisoning, fire hazards, and noise and vibration hazards. You can prevent these hazards and keep your family safe while using a portable generator by following the safety tips below.

Mitigate electrical hazards.

When a power outage occurs, electrical hazards are always a possibility. Using your portable generator properly can help mitigate electrical dangers. A best practice to following when utilizing your portable generator is to plug appliances directly into the generator unit. But, if you must use an extension cord, ensure that the cord is an outdoor, heavy-duty cord. And be sure that the extension cord is rated to handle more than the required power for all devices that you plan on powering with the generator. This will help avoid overloads.

Keep your generator dry.

It may seem counterintuitive to worry about keeping a generator dry when a power outage occurs since it usually takes place during a storm. But wet conditions pose many risks to you and your family. Have a plan for where you can set up your generator in case of inclement weather. Create an open structure or a canopy type device to protect the unit from moisture.

Following these best practices for generator use will ensure safety for you and your loved ones. Knowing how to properly use your portable generator before the need is imminent is favorable. RE Johnson, in partnership with Kohler generators, provides top-notch service and reliability when you’re in need. Contact a specialist at REJohnson today to learn more about purchasing a Kohler portable generator, and the short and long-term services and repairs offered.

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